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Investing and operating in China

Dynamic Market, Complex Regulations...

China is a large and dynamic market with complex regulations and a unique business culture that challenges investors with new situations not encountered in other economies. Success and opportunities are moving targets that require management flexible enough to adapt to ongoing, and often unexpected, change at both the local operational level and at corporate headquarters.

ReiSoleil provides a holistic and comprehensive range of cross-border investment services to support the needs of  clients, whether they are newcomers to the China market or seasoned investors.

Our sophisticated analytical models and tools guide investors through their investment decisions. Our model's distinguishing feature is that it not only provides a comprehensive methodology and process for carrying out a specific transaction-i.e., evaluating, structuring, and managing an investment-but it also ties these processes into broader corporate activities, including strategy development, approval and review, and investment portfolio management. As a result the framework is continuously updated and enhanced in ways that reflect changes in the investment environment, ultimately capturing an investor's collective investment experience.

The ReiSoleil approach is comprehensive and flexible, covering a broad scope of activities in a wide number of investment areas. Key advantages are an ability to coordinate internal corporate requirements with externally required approvals, and to identify and overcome adverse findings in due diligence procedures.

We've also gained extensive experience working with clients through the inbound investment process, including market assessment, partner search, due diligence, project feasibility analysis and post establishment tax and audit services.

Market Research

Our market research services are tailored to the needs of first time market entrants and experienced investors who require research relating to new or expanded product areas. Key services are typically focused on market assessment engagements incluing competitor analysis, consumer preference analysis, government regulation review, distribution channel analysis, site selection, partner selection, market size and forecasting, and price sensitivity analysis.

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