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Due Diligence

We Know China

We have lived and worked in China, speak the language and understand the law, culture and challenges of living and working throughout the country. We have people on the ground in most areas in China and access to specialists who will put your issue first and handle it confidentially and professionally.

Our Due Diligence Services include:

Business Information Collection

Information about enterprises throughout Asia; information collection on government and municipal policies, laws, current and historical business trends; and open profiles of various enterprises and key decision makers who can have an influence on the proposed project.

Commercial Credit and Status Investigations

Company registration; analysis of corporate history; corporate structure; company background, key person information, information on executives; financial profiles; banking relationships; auditing advisor and controls, operating situation; staff size; range of products; facilities; profiles of subsidiaries and affiliates; current challenges, market capabilities and more.

Debt Investigation and Negotiation

Location of corporate debtors and initial negotiations on repayment of corporate debts.

Information and Asset Protection

Inquiries on trademark and patent registration; intellectual property protection; trademark and copyright investigation in cases of infringement or trademark imitation; and more.

Investment Services Including investment Feasibility Analyses

Business partners' credit and status reports; locating and recommending agent and joint venture partners for foreign companies; bank, accounting and legal services selection investigation and recommendations, comprehensive inquiry services; and more.

Product Information and Sales

New product market research; competitive market situation, market saturation and more.

Recommendations on options for sales and marketing in the target market.

Visit Facilitation and Corporate Security During Visit

We can arrange all the travel and security requirements of your high-level business delegation. Meet your plane on arrival, arrange transportation and lodging for your visit, set up meetings with government and business contacts, provide security during your visit if required plus provide any follow-up investigation needs of you and your company.

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