The scope is international. The focus is your business.

YaleFunds is a consulting firm recognized for its corporate and financial communications expertise, and counseling capabilities.

The creation of a sound business platform takes careful analysis and an in-depth knowledge of each organization's unique circumstances

YaleFunds China Services (YCS)

Businesses around the world have one key goal in common - success. But how you get there can depend on a number of influences, including everything from markets to cultural practices. Recognizing the unique needs of Chinese businesses, YaleFunds combined its keen market experience with its cultural knowledge to create the YaleFunds China Services (YCS).

Strategic Services

YaleFunds provides strategic services to clients through every phase of the economic cycle. We offer services in all the critical areas - from corporate finance, transactions, valuations, dispute consulting and forensics, personal restructuring, and reorganization - with a focus on helping our clients increase value.

Business Plans

We create professional business plans that are accurate and state the value proposition that clients bring to the marketplace and their investors.

Company Brochures

As with your company's Business Plan, we create professional Company Brochures that will accurate and state the value proposition that you bring to the marketplace and their investors.

Website Development

Using the latest Internet technologies, we develop an effective company Website that will maximize your company's capital raising and marketing efforts.

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